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Audio World

Mrs. Saima Ammar (late) former CEO - PFFB took the initiative of starting Audio World Services in 1995. Audio World was established to satisfy the educational needs of the visually impaired individuals throughout the county. In Pakistan visually impaired persons are often severely neglected. The families of these persons are usually indifferent towards their education and other basic needs. They are acknowledged as a burden and are not accepted in the main stream of society. Such like behaviors and attitudes have a negative impact in the development and overall shaping of their personalities. Their confidence is dreadfully shaken and they ultimately stop relying on their God gifted and latent faculties.

Objectives of Audio World:

• To provide education, information and entertainment to the visually impaired persons through audio books. 
• Provision of audio books to beneficiaries on their doorsteps residing in any part of the country. 
• Education and career development counseling to visually impaired. 
• Audio World sends audio books of their choice to its members by free registered post. 


Recording of Textbooks:

Audio World has recorded textbook syllabi of grade V up to the graduation level (in art subjects) of Federal, Sindh, Punjab and NWFP boards. Recording has been completed of Azad Kashmir course from class 1st to 7th. Now recent changes in the syllabi of Matric and B.A are being recorded. These audio books have helped these beneficiaries in passing their examinations. Some of them got distinctions in their schools as well. Majority of the subscribers has been able to support their families by seeking employment. These individuals have proven the fact that despite their disability they have been able to fulfill their ambitions. These visually impaired individuals are now considered as useful and productive members of the society.

Pleasure Listening Books:

In the beginning only textbooks were recorded as first priority, but with the passage of time pleasure listening was also introduced. The membership fee for utilizing this service is only Rs.200/ annually. An over-whelming response was received from the subscribers. There are more than one thousand pleasure listening titles on various subjects such as history, science, literature, philosophy, autobiographies, travelogues, poetry, etc. These books are termed as "audio films" as these contain wonderful sound effects. These books are not only a valuable source of entertainment but they provide immense knowledge to the listeners.There are more than 7,500 visually impaired students benefiting from this program.

Online Audio and E-book Library:

By recognizing significance of new modern technology, PFFB took step of digitizing books back in 2010. Initially text books were digitized and after that the organization started digitization of pleasure listening books also. More than 160 books are digitized. As per demand of visually challenged people, now it is essential for us to make them available online, so they can access the books from their homes. Now visually impaired students will have the opportunity to listen Audio World Library online and will get access on E-books.

Benefits of the Online library are:

  • Easy access for Visually Challenged via computer or mobile.
  • International recognition for PFFB.
  • Possibility of increasing subscribers.